About ME

Hi am DJ EON Stirling I would like to start by saying that I do this purely for the fun of it I do not claim to be a profession DJ!

I taught myself to DJ about 4 year ago i started out with the name Dinky DJ this name was based around the computer support site I use to have which was called Dinky Tech but… as I got better at mixing and people started listening to my stuff I decided to change my DJ name to Eon Stirling or the shorter Version Eon S

I Do live mixes on Paltalk as well as Mix365 Radio and Virtual DJ Radio and then upload them to the site… My main genre is Dance but i also dabble in Bounce, House, Mashup & Bootlegs.

I am part of the World Wide DJ Crew/DJ Club along side DJ Steveo, DJ Zimmer, and DJ PaulD.