45 - 60 Minute Mixes
You can PLAY/DOWNLOAD my 45 minute to 60 minute mixes from my EON-S hearthis page by CLICKING HERE!
10 - 40 Min Mixes
I do have plenty of mixes that fit into this catagory however there scatted across different sites.. I am currenty working on putting them in one location and will update this soon!
About Me

I am just bedroom DJ with a love of music and in my spare time i Mix music sometimes live on PalTalk or on Virtual DJ Radio and other times just record my mixes then share them online for anyone who wants to listen to them!.. My original DJ name was DINKY TECH or as most called me Dinky DJ and have recently changed this cause the old name was named after a company i use to work for long ago. I now go by Eon-S which is word play on my real name Ian Stirling.

I am in no means a profesional DJ nor am i looking for any kind of fame i simply do this for the love of the music and if people like my mixes then that a bonus!

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